The Journal

This is a boutique (read: minor) publication dedicated to the exploits and desired exploits of Aubrey. Aubrey’s a girl; a human, for lack of a better word, and she’d like to meet you too.

Herein you might find some musings, a little carnality, experimentation with cell phone cameras, and perhaps awkward encounters with strange photographers. Photographers are weeeeird people.

This won’t be a static publication. It will serve as a living testament to the escapades of Aubrey. That means it will be in a constant state of metamorphosis (if I get around to making updates).

The editor welcomes your greetings and certainly your accolades. Anecdotes are welcome too, though if I find them interesting, I reserve the right to plagiarize and pass them off as my own.

The Aubrey

Aubrey likes to write things down, wander about, and conceptualize adventures that she’ll never embark on. Once, she even blueprinted this grand plan to move the end table from one side of the room to the other. But nothing ever came of it.

Aubrey is a voluptuary of sorts too. If you meet her for an interview, she may try to entice you into a misadventure of some variety. So maybe beware of that.

Aubrey is grounded and humble, and that comes from having a much more profound worldview than just about anyone on the planet. She is undoubtedly the most enlightened person that you will ever meet in your entire life. Hands down.