“Not at all”

Stella Saint, “Photographer”

“I need some photos for my mag,” I muttered from the sofa to no one in particular. “I could shoot you,” Stella replied, as she shot someone in the violent xbox game she was playing.

I found it presumptuous of Stella to assume I was speaking to her. Sure, we were the only two humans present, but there was also the cat.  I indulged her anyway.  “Oh? I didn’t realize you were a photographer.” “I’m not,” she said. I waited several seconds for an explanation that never came. “So you’re just…good with a camera?” I asked. She replied, “Not at all.”


The look of it

At about 5’10 or so, I’m a bit tallish, kinda leggy. I’ve a slenderish build for a girl of my height. My limbs are long and I’m kinda lithe and very girly (but I know how to wear pants and change tires).

5’10” / 130ish / Brown / Brunette / Thin / Early 20s

Usually bespectacled.  Was once told I look like I could be an art teacher to yuppie ex-hippie larvae?