My time with Aubrey was resplendent. Her quirky personality and delightful sense of humor are not to be missed!
Hester G.
Aubrey has been an invaluable confidant. She’s inspired me to triumph through some of the rockiest moments of my career.
Kramon F.
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I laughed, bellowed in ecstasy, joyously wept...every range of emotion was experienced in my (too short) time with Aubrey!
Everholt Q.
*Please Note: I authored these testimonials myself (except the ‘lorem ipsum’ one, which I copied and pasted from someplace). But it’s genuinely what I’d say if I met me. Maybe you would too? You would.


By The Hour

$500 per hour
Minimum of 2 hours

Per Evening

$3,800 Per Evening
Early Evening through following morning (around 12 hours)


I fancy travel to any place bearing some semblance of civilization! Inquire with details.

Contact Me

If you made it this far, thanks for indulging my dry humor. I try not to take myself or life more seriously than needed, but I do have a sincere passion for what brings me here: A keenness to learn something new; the hunt for experiences previously unimagined; the feel of a different yet familiar embrace…any one or a combination of these things.

It’s simple to make it all work: Make a small introduction saying anything you’d like – dates you’d like to meet, jokes, amusing stories, or anything else you’re inspired to share. I’m reachable by:

-Contact form (on this page)
-Email (click the email icon below)

After you get in touch, I’ll get back to you to finalize our plans. I may ask a couple vetting questions and such, but nothing too painful or invasive. Until we meet… -A